Arthur Murillo

Computer Science student - Developer in the making

Who am I ?

A few words to describe me...

I am a 19 year old man living in Bayonne. I graduated from a BAC S because I have always had an interest in the sciences, and then graduated from a Computer Science computer HND at the IUT de Bayonne et du Pays Basque, because it is a field in which I have found interest when I was a child and which still makes my heart beat. I now specialize in the web development field thanks to the advanced programming professional license which I undertook with an apprenticeship contract in a local company. Even if my experience has so far revolved around the web, my curiosity pushes me to be interested in many domains and languages. I know how to show motivation and enthusiasm for all the new experiences in which I can take part.

Faced with a new challenge I have only one philosophy:

My skills


Determining and writing of the functional specifications


Determining and writing of the technical specifications


Good practices, tests, advanced algorithms notions

Project management

Planning and leading of an agile project in a small groupe


HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP




Symfony, Bootstrap, Angular




C, C++, Java



My projects

Where to find me?

If you want to know more about me, you can check my profile on LinkedIn or my resume, take a look at my work on Github or contact me directly!